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All Poditech Orthotics and braces are available with either premium Hand Corrected shells, or our tested and perfected System Rx Design. We also offer a choice of Dynamic-Flex™ Orthotic products (DFO) or the time tested Standard Orthotics (STD).

Dynamic-Flex™ Orthotic products feature Anti-pronation polypropelene shells and come with custom cuts on the lateral flange in proportion to the patients' size and foo tprofile.  DFO's also feature an  anti-pronation flange on the medial column, standard heel posts and plantar filling.  DFO’s Support STJ resupination naturally throughout stance phase and offer the patient less pressure under medial column.

STD products are polypropylene or (in some cases) graphite shells. STD orthotics produce passive pressure against the medial column.

There is a mayor different between the DFO and the STD orthotics. Dr. Nguyen recommends DFO for most orthotics because they create an active re-supination of the STJ and locking of the MTJ during gait, so the patient feels less pressure under the medial column of the foot.


On the other hand, STD orthotics force the medial column of the foot upward against down-ward force from the body weight while the MTJ is not locked, thus causing more pressure under the arch. The cuts on lateral side of the orthotics are very helpful for shock absorbing and more suitable for active foot function.

Dr. Nguyen personally reviews each cast and order to ensure the products produced will offer the best possible care and correction for the patient.

Instant Foot Orthotics

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